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Micka                                                                               Riško

Klárka                                                                               Murko

Murka                                                                                Felix                                                                                            Máuko

Elen                                                                                   Belko

Miley                                                                                   Leo

Lili                                                                                       Charlie

Klea                                                                                     Blesk

Lea                                                                                      Chvostik                                                                                   

Belka                                                                                   Snehulko                                                                               










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Max Muscle Nutrition. Daily Care in the Vegetative Stage. These elements contribute to the long-term health of the plant and help it through the flowering stage. Not using these micronutrients won’t kill your plant, but it can greatly affect bud growth and potency. The goal of using additional nutrients is to create a diverse and healthy ecosystem of microbes for your plants so that they produce the best results possible. If you have already a rooted clone ( a live cannabis plant) please skip right to Step 7. 2. Add water to the bowl and continue to mix until the mixture becomes dough. Super Auto Refresh is an easy extension to auto-refresh and auto-reload your pages with ease.


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